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QualCare Stadelhofen.
Located in the Center of Zurich, we offer excellent medical services for English speaking clients.

Collaborative medicine

We are committed to a collaborative approach to medicine. We place the patient at the center of our care, working together for an individualized approach to treatment and prevention.

Proven efficacy and cost-effectiveness

We make sure that our patients receive optima care based on an integrated treatment plan. We follow our patients throughout their therapy whether this is completed in practice or whether it requires the input of our secondary care colleagues. This way we can help coordinate care and ensure that the journey is as easy as possible. Our comprehensive care gives you proven, cost efficient and high quality treatment.

High quality treatment

We provide the best medical services from a single source. The quality of our services conforms to the highest medical standards and is reviewed regularly.

Privacy and data protection

We ensure the protection and confidentiality of your data. All our staff are required to maintain the privacy of patients and the confidentiality of their data.

Online Appointment Booking


Qualcare StadelhofenĀ provides rapid access to a comprehensive, high-quality but affordable medical service that helps people of all ages to feel confident and well protected.

We are committed to ensuring that our patients are completely satisfied with the services that we offer. We always focus on the needs of our patients and a positive experience for them. We therefore try to provide solutions for all the problems of our patients.

QualCare Stadelhofen: Our Practice is located just a few steps away from the Train Station Stadelhofen. You can rech the Practice in two minutes from the Stadelhofen Train Station where numerous Trains arrive every minute or from the Bellevue Platz.